We take care of all aspects of the engineering design:

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To be sure that a yacht reaches it contractual speed,
it’s sufficient to install the biggest possible engines …
To avoid Class remarks, let’s increase the rule thicknesses…
To avoid Stability issues, let’s increase the ship breadth…
But this is not DESIGNING!

A well designed yacht makes

the contractual performances

with no waste of power.

it’s not burden by unnecessary structural weight.

it is the outcome of a correct balancing of each and every parts.

The Designer, even if he doesn’t perform the entire project,

must be aware of all its aspects, to consider them when making his choices,

optimize the resources

and reach the best results!

Project Strategy

“We deem that the most cost and time effective strategy is a holistic approach to the initial phases of the design: Stability, structures, propulsion, outfitting, system and safety need to be considered at the very beginning of the design spiral”

We care about all aspects




CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

CFD allows to study the dynamic of fluids by means of mathematical algorithms implementes on computers.Aerodynamic forces, engines, pumps, chemical plants, environmental comfort etc. have been largely investigated with the use of CFD softwares.

The naval sector, in particular, can be widely investigated by the use of Computatinal Fluid Dynamics.
The hull total resistance, traditionally evaluated from towing tank tests, can be precisely quantified with CFD tools, dramatically reducing calculation time and overall costs. Alternatively, CFD provides guiding lead in the setting-up of condensed experimental campaign, thus substantially reducing the number of towing-tank runs.
Different features where this numerical approach produces sound results include wave-patterns and subsequent appendages location, wake coefficients of a propeller disc, airfoil drag and lift coefficient, force and moment calculation of all the wet surfaces and turbulence up to shedding vortex .

Propulsion and Maneuvering

We study, design and survey the production of the propulsion and maneuvering systems.


FEA has proven during the yers to be a robust design methodology in the structural, thermal and electromegnetic fields. FEA capabilities in structural investigations cover a wide range of applications from static/fatigue analysis to crashworthiness.

Modern FEA packages include a variety of components such as thermal, electromagnetic, fluid, and structural modules.
In a structural analysis, FEA tremendously helps in producing stiffness and strength maps, stresses and displacements distribution and visualization of where the structures critically bend or twist.
FEA allows a full products design and optimisation before manifacturing. FEA benefits include increased accuracy, enhanced design (better insight into critical design parameters), virtual prototyping and a faster and less expensive design cycle.



Classification Scantling Plans, Manholes Plan, Structural Interfaces to Outfitting Items


We design all major outfitting of the yacht:

Mooring Plan, Anchor Windlasses and Capstans Arrangement, Anchor Arrangement, Freeing Ports, Bits and Bollards, Shell Doors, windows and Portlights etc.


Safety First: NAV-ARS cares a lot about the safety issues of the project like:

Safety Plan, Escape Plans, Structural Fire Protection and Details, Galley Ventilation, Freeboard, Navigation Lights Plan, Recue Boat Arrangement, Liferafts Arrangement, Visibility Plan etc.

Systems: wiring diagrams and valves specification

We can develop the wiring diagrams of the shipboard Systems:

sea water, Bilge and Fire, fresh and hot water, scuppers, ballast, diesel oil, lub oil, tank ventilations and gauging, engine room ventilation and technical spaces ventilation, etc



We can develop preliminary evaluation of the volumes of hull and superstructures
to be included in the gross tonnage calculation

Why do you need our support?

Because a project with solid structure and substance, respecting the agreed timeline,
reflects the reliability and the prestige of the Builder.
Because, if you entrust the project to NAV-ARS,
you can concentrate on the construction.