Our background

Pierluigi, Daniele and Luca followed different paths in their careers, each of them gaining specialized expertise in different fields of naval architecture and marine engineering. Nevertheless, their paths crossed for more than ten years, having the chance to work together on projects of resounding success.

In 2018 they decided to unify and share their expertise.


Nav-Ars s.r.l.

is founded


to offer our Clients a comprehensive support to their Projects.

"We strongly deem the quality of our work and we base our activity on four key concepts"



” Our aim is innovation, in the awareness that the “state of art” is the result of thousands of years of naval science.”



“All vessels, commercial ships or superyachts doesn’t matter, are not made of steel and mathematics only, but mainly, of the Passion of the people who sacrifice so much to see them cut through the waves for the first time. “



Expertise: Research and development of new projects must be based on the steady bases of our experiences.

"ars navalis"

Our work is the expression
not only of our technical expertise,
but also of our creativity, our intellect,
our “know how”

” ARS “

as the Latins used to say.



E-MAIL: daniele.chiamenti@nav-ars.eu RUOLO: Socio Fondatore P.IVA: 03483120238


E-MAIL: pierluigi.ausonio@nav-ars.eu RUOLO: Socio Fondatore P.IVA: 01440410080


E-MAIL: luca.fresco@nav-ars.eu RUOLO: Socio Fondatore P.IVA: 02483880999