Solidity, reliability, professionalism, expertise.

The chance to have a reliable partner
to entrust with the design of the yacht,
the most delicate aspect of a new project.
So that you can concentrate on the construction.

“We deem that the most cost and time,

effective strategy is a holistic approach to

the initial phases of the design:
Stability, structures, propulsion,
outfitting, SYSTEM and safety

need to be considered at the

very beginning of the design spiral”


We develop the most delicate and added value parts of the design, like naval architecture, stability, feasibility, propulsion, in synergy with the Shipyard and the Exterior Designer.
On these bases, we design the structure, the system, the outfittings ans the safety aspects of the yacht.

When preferred by the Client, we can directly deal with the appointed Class Registers and Flag Administrations for the approval of our project.

- Consultancy -

Thanks to our expertise, we can help Brokers, Owners and Shipyards to analyse Technical Specifications and General Arrangements of new projects, as well as for refitting jobs.


We can survey the construction on behalf of Shipyards, Brokers or Owners, starting from the metal construction, to the outfitting and the delivery of the Yacht, no matter if new builds of refitted.

How we work

We are used to deal with the most popular Class Registers (Registro Italiano Navale, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping) and Flag Administrations ((UK, Cayman Island, British Virgin Islands, Isle of Mann, Italia, Malta).

We use the most common CAD software: ZW cad, SHCP, Rhinoceros, PTC Mathcad, Office, Project, Open Foam, StarCCM+, Code Aster.


On our site you won’t find deceptive achievements: for each item of our reference list, we straightforwardly specify the parts of the project we developed. We won’t use images showing someone else’s job without a clear assignment.